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Sway is a creative consulting studio dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses owners in online spaces. We use web design, creative content, photography, and written word to develop original brands with authentic voice. Whether you are just starting out, or are further down the road, Sway adapts to every client's needs to insure your brand thrives in today's competitive media environment. 

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Sway works one-on-one with new businesses and developing artists to create bold and authentic brands from start to finish. Book a consultation to find out more about our services.


We help people do what they love for a living.


Sway is driven to help inspired individuals turn their passion into a paycheck by offering insanely creative solutions to standard business practices. It's tough to compete with large corporations who saturate the internet with competitively produced content. That is why it's our mission to lift up creative professionals and business owners in todays vast media-scape.


We know what it takes to stand out amongst the crowd:

Authentic, bold, and cause-driven branding.


Building your brand shouldn't feel like checking boxes off a to-do list. This is an opportunity to create everything YOUR way. Be loud, visionary, break the status-quo! We are here to help you set new standards for your industry while serving your audience the engaged experience they crave.

That's our philosophy at Sway.

We take pride in the artistic process behind modern marketing and advertising. This is a field where creatives come to dance in the world of business. As a result, we offer media and design services that reflect the unique story behind your personal brand.

If you're a business owner or creative professional looking to turn your dream into your day job, let's create together!



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I loved using my knowledge to amplify the voices of those pursuing their creative passions. Thus, the vision for Sway ignited.

Hi, I'm Sam. I am the founder and creative director of Sway. I'm a multi-disciplinary creative dedicated to community building through art and mindful business design. My academic background in online journalism and international studies equipped me with a diverse knowledge of media communications and the globalized digital landscape.  


I set out to apply my education as an independent media entrepreneur. Early on, I used my skillset to help creative institutions navigate and succeed in online spaces. I loved using my knowledge to amplify the voices of those pursuing their creative passion. Thus, the vision for Sway ignited.  


In my free time, I am a painter, adventurer, and photojournalist. I see visual and experiential art as tools that challenge the way we perceive and are exposed to the world around us. By sharing our creations with our community, we provoke each other to grow in depth and connection.

I hope that by co-creating conscious, thoughtfully designed brands, Sway can raise the demand for content that not only promotes excellent products and services, but simultaneously challenges and inspires communities for the better. 

- SH

For inquiries on brand consulting & development, projects, creative partnership, and bookings- please contact samantha@swaycreate.com.


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